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I am a qualified professional graphic and web designer, with over five years of experience. I am motivated by a genuine love and passion for this work, and have built a solid base of proficiencies and competencies through hard work, dedication, training and direct working experience.

Since graduating from my degree in Visual Design at the University of Florence, I initially cut my teeth with an internship at Mac&Tosh, a graphic design agency. This gave me direct experience, and a strong introduction to the field.

I committed myself to freelance work for 3 years, enjoying the freedom, flexibility and learning opportunities this offered to me. This time was used to further build my skill base and target areas of learning need, before working with Puntoweb, a web agency, in 2014. My time here afforded me the opportunity to both expand my technical competencies, and to hone the valuable ability to work as part of a team.

This in turn allowed me to obtain a fantastic role with Cerulean Solutions Ltd in London, where I built my prior technical knowledge further. One year later I decided to incorporate marketing into my skills and I got a great role at Icebar London, which allowed me to learn more about design, marketing and work management, and brought me to where I am today, seeking new directions and fresh opportunities.




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Currently based in London, my objective is a professional and personal growth and my wish is therefore to embark on a new career path in the long term.

I am available for collaborations, for any enquiry or information feel free to contact me at roberta.falaschi[at]